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converts Marina Residential In your home.

As you know, The works of Marina Residential They were initiated during the month of August this year. In the second quarter of 2021 It is expected to be completed and will be hoping to turn every corner in your home.

If you bought or are thinking of buying a home in Marina Residential, sure you've imagined living there many times…

Modern architecture of your home in a residential Marina makes it easy to transform interior spaces to taste.

Penthouses from which will go to the terrace and see the sea. Viewpoints bright rooms with floor to ceiling glazed. The amazing qualities used. Today we want to give you some ideas about color trends that will dominate the room which is already your future home. Although we know that the sector of interior design is constantly evolving.

Given the lightness with which have housing Marina Residential , we have many solutions to make it such a nice space as welcoming.

Currently there are plenty of trends leading interior design. Looking toward that future that is so near your home, We are interested in knowing the stakes next year.

As for the colors that reign in classrooms, we have 5 Favorites proposed by Color Community in which we would want to live.

The color range in Marina Residential.


residential marina decoration

First, We chromatic range New Addresses, It composed of brown, green and a touch of summer bougainvillea. They invite us to a break with music folk background.

the range Me, Anymore It is one of the ones you like. It reminds us of the skin of the human body, beige, land and whites also have texture and comfort in every corner off.

Team-Set It is another trend we love. It is pure elegance. Has a powerful approximate range to the absolute black that does not allow passage of sadness or melancholy.

In contrast to the inner, we have Falling UP. Sand tinged with soft colors that reach giving us embrace peace, but with a touch of rebellion.

And finally, Beauty Attack. Con a vision of the city as an urban forest. Blue protagonists fused with oranges, even with strawberry tones add warmth to combat the cold.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you. We continue to report on trends for decorating which will soon be your home in Marina Residential, your new future near the sea.

If you want to be the day of the advance of the works of Marina we recommend you read the next post.

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