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Pai update in the district of the Grao.

The PAI of Grao, I have a project dedicated to Residential 285.000 square meter, of which Marina Residential is a big star.

In addition, the EPI has Graó 95.000 square meters of floor tertiary. This is for the provision of services to the public, businesses or organizations.

These resources offer so many opportunities that the City Council does not intend to miss, especially in tertiary soil which refers.

From the municipal responsibility, It is studying the long-term plan , so you can discover the potential of the area.

Investments, training, innovation and research.

What is clear is the type of uses that will give this Pai. attract investment, training, innovation and research. Conditions amply meets the PAI to accommodate these future opportunities.

Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Development, Sandra Gomez and Pilar Bernabé, own mayor for Economic Development, confirm. and they highlight the importance of following this path. See the PAI of Grao as the perfect place to give a big boost to these economic sectors.

The city of Valencia has so far been very limited when it comes to large hosting companies with many square meters. also it has to be a reference, and certainly the Grao neighborhood, it has.

The sector we are talking about, and currently develop, It is in an area that could be defined as strategic. It is close to Las Naves, The Harinera and the Marina, municipal locations and / or with the help of the City. Where already they are exploited all these sectors.

developments in the pai of the Grao

source: Extra Valencia

An area attraction in Valencia.

This is turn this into a PAI “catchment area”. And is that besides residential, the tertiary soil has an important part of the project area.

What You Should Know, It is that this approach is the medium and long term. What is really essential it is to reactivate the PAI. Once reactivated, there is a target. The aim is to carry out actions that attract companies and innovative technology sector and clear, others of great value for the area. The aim is to turn this into an economic nest and research of great importance in Valencia.

The intention is to find investors, direct them there and sell all the possibilities offered by the area.

Currently there we have more news in sight. The floor is in the hands of several owners. Adif, with railways, now they cross the sector. Local investment group Atitlan and background British Hayfin Capital. These útlimos are the most gross floor area totaling, reaching almost half of the total tertiary soil. These owners have almost become necessary for agent developer. They may propose alternative plans to the City, but so far no evidence any request of this kind.

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